Montedoro: Time
Montedoro: Time
The movie is set in Craco, a ghost town near the wonderful city of Matera, in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. Tourists from all over Italy and the world come to visit this place, shocking and fascinating at the same time. The town of the silence, the ruins and the hills. The town of a timeless reality.Watch the full movie on www.movieitalyplus.comPlot:A middle-aged American woman unexpectedly discovers her true origins only after the death of her parents. Deeply shaken and in the throes of a real identity crisis, she decides to set out on a journey, hoping to be able to re-embrace the birth mother she never knew. She thus travels to a small and remote town in southern Italy, Montedoro. Upon her arrival she is surprised by an apocalyptic scenario: the village, nestled on a majestic hill, is completely abandoned.
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