About Us

Visit Italy With Movies is a digital project by Minerva Pictures aimed at promoting the internationalization of Italy's image through cinema and audiovisual, acting as a significant driving force for both the cultural and touristic industry. Visit Italy With Movies offers cinephiles, Italy-lovers and tourists from all over the world a virtual space in which they can discover and, with a click, visit the locations where the films they are passionate about were shot. Users will have the opportunity to get to know, navigate and visualize the locations of the films through itineraries organized by city, region or by curated itineraries – based on landscape, art or food and wine - carefully selected, with the aid of films, clips, historical-environmental and artistic insights, online and offline tour proposals and suggestions for staying at the best accommodation facilities, dining at the most iconic restaurants, discovering the most interesting boutiques or visiting museums, exhibitions, cultural sites and parks.

The spaces for browsing the various locations, personalized by the user or suggested and structured by the editorial team, will allow tourists and film buffs from all over the world to visit Italy online and offline, discover the most beautiful corners of the main cities, get to know the incredible peculiarities of each region and easily access the small and large excellences of Made in Italy products and our hospitality industry. All this valuable information will also be told through anecdotes and curiosities surrounding the scenes of the films, the performers and directors, in front of and behind the camera. From territories to films. From films to territories. Film tourism as you've never seen it.