Risking: The mission
Risking: The mission
The hotel in Sanremo where Massimo (Ray Lovelock) meets Perrone (Ettore Manni) and his secretary, is the Royal Hotel in Corso Imperatrice 80 in the well known city of Sanremo.Watch the full movie on www.movieitalyplus.comPlot:Young officer Massimo Torlani, whose mother, accidentally wounded by two robbers, has been forever paralyzed, offers himself, hoping thus to track down those thugs and get revenge on them, for a special mission. Passing himself off, in agreement with Commissioner Sacchi, as a robber, he gets himself arrested and locked up in jail, where he gets into the good graces of a drug "boss," Giulianelli, with whom he escapes. Having entered his "circle," Massimo helps him break up a rival gang. He then moves to Genoa and San Remo to pick up a large quantity of drugs arriving from Holland. Having eliminated some of the "boss's" competitors who were trying to seize the cargo; discovered some unsuspected drug trafficking bosses; tracked down his two criminals; Massimo will not, however, succeed in carrying out his revenge in person. Having finished Giulianelli in Sacchi's hands, in fact, it will be the shrewd secretary of another "boss" who will clean up the traffickers and their killers, including the wounders of Massimo's mother; the woman, however, will not escape Torlani's hunt.
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