Il Marchese Del Grillo: Theatrical representation
Il Marchese Del Grillo: Theatrical representation
 The Marquis attends a theatrical representation of a French company. The scene is particularly funny as we witness a fight between actors at the end of the representation and the public’s reaction. The theatre is in Amelia, a little medieval city in Umbria, it is the Teatro Sociale in Via del Teatro.Watche the full movie on www.movieitalyplus.comPlot:Marquis Onofrio del Grillo, duke of Bracciano, noble guard and secret waiter to His Holiness Pius VII, is a typical representative of the Roman nobility of the early 19th century. He lives in a fairy-tale house, surrounded by equally fairy-tale characters who each live in a world of their own and have difficulty fitting into reality: an affectionate but hostile and conservative mother; a poor relative named Genuflessa who is secretly in love with him; and a married sister with a child. We are in the midst of the French occupation and the Pope's temporal power seems likely to be undermined by the arrival of Napoleon. To escape boredom, the Marchese del Grillo continually concocts pranks from which not even the Pontiff is saved, and he often mixes with the people, frequenting dive bars and taverns, and at the very end of one of these evenings he finds a drunkard, the coalman Gasperino, who is his perfect double. Driven by a taste for mockery, Onofrio picks him up and takes him home where he will put on a brilliant farce by passing off poor Gasperino as himself in the eyes of his own relatives, who do not notice the substitution.
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