Don Chisciotte and Sancio Panza: knights and love
Don Chisciotte and Sancio Panza: knights and love
In this movie clip Don Chisciotte (Ciccio Ingrassia) and Sancio Panza (Franco Franchi) are in the wonderful Sardinia, in the Sinis peninsula, near Cabras. The countryside of the scene is not so far from San Salvatore di Sinis which, thanks to its landscapes, has been the location for lots of Italian western movies, between the sixties and seventies .Watch the full movie on www.movieitalyplus.comPlot:Don Quixote de la Mancha, exalted by reading books about the exploits of the knights-errant, decides to emulate them. Thus fully armed, Don Quixote, followed by Sancho Panza as squire, sets out in search of the glory that can only come from intervening in defense of the weak and oppressed and fighting all forms of injustice.
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